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Error 404 BBS, Error 1202 BBS and SysopSolaris.com Welcome you to the Family. Together With FSXnet , DoorParty and a massive file archive we bring you one of the finest BBSes experiences around . Weather you Choose Error 404 , with over 30 active message nets , or Error 1202 BBS with the largest old time radio collection of any BBS you will find the trip Down memory lane fun and exciting . You can connect to any of my BBSes , file server or TradeWars 2002 all for free . We have no upload / Download ratios, no time restraints and a hassel free experience . Stay as long as you like. Chat live with other users on other BBSes with MRC , Read thousands of messages in any of our offered message nets or connect to DoorParty server hosting over 200 vintage BBS games . Everything the BBSes of old had to offer is right here.